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Return & Replacement Policies & Procedures

To begin your product return or replacement request please use any of the following contact methods:

Contact us with your request:

Please use any of the methods on our contact page, listed here or fill out the return form.

The return process is initiated:

Returned products can be returned to any of our showrooms or warehouses, or our logistics team will arrange for pick up at your location.

Inspection & Verification:

Products will be checked to verify it is in new condition (as received) or inspected for defects per customer complaints (inspection report will be issued by the product manufacturer).

Refund or Replacement:

Once returned products have been checked and verified at our facility or confirmed in writing by their’ manufacturer to be defective, the product paid amount will be refunded, or the product will be replaced per customers’ preference.

Send us an email at and we will reply ASAP.

How long can I return my product?

A product can be returned within 14 days if it is still in its new unopened and unused condition, or within 30 days if it is defective.

How long does it take to replace or refund my purchase?

This process takes between 2-7 days depending on your location (which covers all of Egypt).

How much refund do I get back?

You will receive 100% of what you have paid. All refunds are returned in the same method of initial payment. For example, if you have paid with credit cards, your refund will be refunded directly back to your card.

Are there any fees to return a product?

Returning or replacing your product is free. There are no other hidden charges at any stage of the process.

Why do products have to be inspected?

OReturned products will be inspected for one of two main reasons. If the product is returned within 14 days, it must in be its new unopened and unused condition. If products are returned within 30 days, the product must be defective or does not function as stated by the manufacturer, and this process requires the manufacturer to inspect and confirm the product is defective (which usually takes only a few days to complete by the manufacturer).

Who will replace my product?

Whether you simply want to return your new product or have a defective one replaced, in most circumstances it will be replaced by our company directly and quickly. In some cases, the manufacturers require replacement to be done directly by them and the customer will be notified in advance of such a case.

Damaged products VS defective products.

If you receive a product that is damaged or that has different features, color, or specifications than what you have ordered, you can simply request the product to be returned and replaced or returned and payment refunded. Defective products are products you received that match the product you have ordered, but exhibit problems that prevent it from functioning or operating as stated by the manufacturer.

When do I get my refund?

Your refund will be issued immediately after your product has been returned and inspected to ensure it is returned by the terms and conditions it was received or per the terms stated for the return (e.g. defective product).